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Glassfiber Produkter offers product solutions and expertise in composite to several different markets, read more about our products below.


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Glassfiber Produkter offers grating for most needs. We can produce with mold and pultrution, as well as customized shapes, color and characteristics to suit your / your business needs. The gratings can also be manufactured high load, with anti-slip, anti-static and fire-retardant.

Fiberglass Structure

Fiberglass structures can be up to 70% lighter than steel, corrosion-free and electrically insulating. We can carry out Engineering, Design, Fabrication and Installation.

Structural Profiles

GRP Structural Profiles are high quality designed profiles which are used in the fabrication of GRP structures and supports.

Pipe systems

We supply GRE, GRP & GRVE piping solutions from Future Pipe Industries for use across the Oil & Gas, Industrial, Water and Marine & Offshore Industries.

GRP Cable tray systems

Cable System in Glass Reinforced Polyesterare is characterized by their extreme resistance even in extreme conditions such as heat, sunlight (UV), cold or exposure to chemicals, material performs its function and for many years.

Self-manufactured products

A series of standardized, high-quality products for various areas of use – Developed, designed and manufactured in-house.

Electric insulation

GPO-3G-10, G-11 og FR-4GPO-3 is a very versatile material with good insulation properties. The material consists of woven fiberglass impregnated with polyester, which makes GPO-3 strong, impact-resistant and dimensionally stable. In addition, the material is flame…

NorGrip Anti-Slip

GRP anti–slip stair treads and noses provide a quick, safe & effective solution to worn, slippery and uneven steps. An ideal solution to Health & Safety problems!


Fiberglass can be used as reinforcement in various constructions. Properties such as high tensile strength, low weight and high resistance to corrosion make fiberglass an applicable alternative to other materials.

Gamry instruments

Gamry Instruments is a leading producer of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscope for battery / fuel cells and corrosion / coating testing.

Security Gate

The Security gate was developed as fall protection for ladders with safety cages and work platforms. The gate prevents you from  stepping or falling directly out of an opening. The gate shuts automatically and is manufactured entirely from polyurethane (PU).