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Glassfiber Produkter offers product solutions and expertise on composite. Read more about our business below.


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Who are we

We are Glassfiber Produkter AS, a company which specializes in composites and products made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. We supply first-class fiberglass products to the oil and gas industry, railways, fish farming, the public sector and other industries.

You will find us in the brand new premises at Øksnavad. We are a team of comitted and skilled employees who wants to help you find a solution. We can help you with:


  • Design & Engineering
  • Production
  • Installation

Our history

Glassfiber Produkter AS was founded by Elling Stangeland in 2000, aiming at selling and marketing fiberglass products to the oil and gass industry. It began with selling pipe systems and subsea fiberglass protection. As the demand grew, we continued to expand our range of products.

The team has also expanded, from two employees to nine. In 2014, we opened our own in-house workshop. This gave us the opportunity to do production and installation ourselves. We hired our first technical draftsman in 2018. The goal was to offer a range of different services to our customers.

In 2020, we moved into brand new premises at Øsknavad. For the first time we have gathered offices, workshop and warehouse under one roof. Our logo, website and visual profile were also redesigned and modernized to represent the new chapter of Glassfiber Produkter.

Why use fiberglass?



Fiberglass weighs a third of what steel does.



Fiberglass is strong and robust compared to its low weight.



Fiberglass will not corrode nor rot like traditional materials do.



The material does not require any special tool or machine, and no finishing is required after cutting or drilling.

We provide solutions

We are flexible, working with both big and small projects. The variety of what we can deliver is great, and our team enjoys a good challenge. We will adapt design, engineering and production to your needs. Our employees have years of experience and insight, and you can trust our advice and guidance.

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