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GRP anti–slip products provide a quick, safe and effective solution to worn, slippery and uneven surfaces and steps – An ideal solution to health and safety problems!

Glassfiber Produkter offers a wide selection of GRP anti-slip products for applications where traditional materials are not suitable. Our products provide a safe and effective solution on slippery surfaces for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. The various products are versatile and can be used wherever there is a need to prevent slipping hazards.

Fiberglass laminate is a strong material used in applications where high strength and low weight is required. Our anti-slip boards are very durable and will withstand climatic changes which make it an ideal anti-slip floor.


Robust plates with gritted surfaces.

Stair treads

Protects stair treads and reduces slipping.

Stair noses

Covers both treads and angles with strong protection.

Ladder rungs and humps

Durable cover for ladders and ramps.


  • Non-slip – reduces the risk of slipping and falling
  • Shockproof – long durability
  • Effective in wet and oily environments
  • Easy to install – reduces installation costs
  • Ideal for surfaces that cannot be otherwise secured
  • Can be used immediately after installation – Minimizes downtime
  • Non-conductive – eliminates electrical and thermal hazards
  • Suitable for pedestrians, cyclists, forklifts and other vehicles
  • Maintenance free – will not rust or corrode
  • 65% lighter than steel – easier to handle and cheaper to install

Customize size and colour

The products can be produced and cut in many different sizes, depending on what the application requires. Standard colors are black, gray and yellow, but it can be produced with other RAL colours as desired.


Different grades of grit

The products are available with a fine, medium and coarse gritted surface. Which roughness is best suited is based on area of use. For example, fine surfaces are used by swimming pools and coarse surfaces for industrial use.


Fire retardant

NorGrip can be produced with high quality fire retardant resin which meets class 0 or class 1 according to BS. Phenol can also be used for maximum fire resistance, reduce toxic fumes and can be used both offshore and in enclosed spaces.


We can help you find the best anti-slip solution. Do you have questions about sizes, coarseness, fastening or customization? Please get in touch.

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Glassfiber Produkter offers grating for most needs. We can produce with mold and pultrution, as well as customized shapes, color and characteristics to suit your / your business needs. The gratings can also be manufactured high load, with anti-slip, anti-static and fire-retardant.

Fiberglass Structure

Fiberglass Structure

Fiberglass structures can be up to 70% lighter than steel, corrosion-free and electrically insulating. We can carry out Engineering, Design, Fabrication and Installation.

Structural Profiles

Structural Profiles

GRP Structural Profiles are high quality designed profiles which are used in the fabrication of GRP structures and supports.