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The versatility of fiberglass means the material can be used for a great many things. We at Glassfiber Produkter work every day to develop, design and manufacture large and small composite structures. The term structure is broad, and the range of solutions we can deliver is extensive. The unique combination of attributes distinguishes the fiberglass from other materials. More and more customers are discovering the material and its versatility.

We take our structures from the idea phase to the final product. Our CAD designers design solutions which are then produced in the workshop. We have a large stock of various fiberglass elements for fabrication that we carry out here at the house.

Our structures come in many forms. Platforms, walkways, stairs and ladders are examples of structures we supply a lot of. But fiberglass structures can be so much more – only creativity sets the limits.


Our platforms can be produced in a number of different sizes, shapes and heights. We can carry out the adaptations desired for the best possible result. The fiberglass ensures robust platforms which are also light in weight.


After many deliveries, we have  developed a strong expertise in walkways and bridges. In the same way as our other structures, we can adapt components as desired. The fiberglass provides walkways with a long life, which remain strong even if the weight is kept low.


At the house, we have our own CAD designers who creates solutions. Our CAD designers have a lot of experience with fiberglass and know the material’s strengths and weaknesses. They develop solutions which utilizes best features of fiberglass, and this gives solid results which our customers are satisfied with.

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Many of our structures are manufactured in our in house workshop. We have very competent and skilled people who are specialized in fiberglass and know how to use the material for the best possible result. This gives us the opportunity to adapt each element of the structures in line with how our customers want it. We ensure optimal quality through our skilled employees who know their craft and the material.


Stairs are another kind of structure which is very suitable to produce with fiberglass. The material makes the stairs durable, and the structure can be used in demanding environments where corrosion is a major risk. We have our own step grating and handrail profiles which we use specifically to manufacture our stairs.


Ladders, with and without security cages, are popular in fiberglass. If it is to be used outdoors, the fiberglass ensures zero rot or corrosion. At the same time, the fiberglass does not conduct electricity or heat, which makes the material safe even in risk-prone areas.


The low weight and flexibility of the fiberglass means we can easily flatpack when shipping. This means that components are partially assembled before being packed into compact shipments. Transporting structures then becomes both easier, quicker and less expensive.

Once the components have arrived, it will be easy to move and assemble on site. The fiberglass can also be adjusted and adapted for the most optimal installation. Our team can assist with installation if desired.

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