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Quality, HSE and environment

It is the policy of Glassfiber Produkter AS to meet all requirements from interested parties, applicable legal and statutory requirements, and codes of practice, including ISO 9001:2015.


The documented quality management system of Glassfiber Produkter AS covers:

    • The supply of fiberglass / composite products and the provision of related consulting services
    • The supply of commercial sector products
    • The general business of Stangeland Glassfiber Produkter AS

We seek to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, by proposing actions to improve our existing quality objectives and establish new objectives, wherever our system may benefit from doing so.

Product and delivery performance is reviewed via data collected from service returns, client response and feedback, suppliers and manufacturers testing and development. Wherever practical we will investigate with our suppliers to provide improved products and services.

Health, Safety and Working Environment

Zero damage to material and people is our overall goal.

It is the policy of Glassfiber Produkter AS to ensure that all work is carried out with careful regard and due consideration to the employees’ health, safety, working environment.

We ensure this by continuously evaluating risk and opportunities using best practice principles, and implement and maintain health, safety, and environmental procedures for support.


It is the policy of Glassfiber Produkter AS to reduce the amount of waste and optimize use
of resources, prevent pollution, and reduce negative impact on the environment.

We manage this by:

      • evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible to minimise waste
      • selecting the most environmentally sound transportation solutions
      • monitor and report on use of resources and waste management
      • ensures that our suppliers adhere to the same standards
      • we challenge the waste industry to focus on recycling
      • being engaged in the work to improve the reuse and recycling of fiberglass, through membership in interest organisations and being a driving force behind the waste industry

Code of conduct

Glassfiber Produkter AS(GP)will ensure that the company is correctly and well managed, and will always uphold the highest standards of integrity, honesty, openness and professionalism. GP is committed to truth and fair dealing, independence, competence and accountability in order to deliver quality, value for money-service to customers.

These GP principles form the basis for our operating structure, policies and core processes, and these standards are required and expected of all GP employees, suppliers, partners, agents and consultants.

GP will always comply fully with Norwegian law and regulations, relevant international laws and statutory requirements. Every GP employee will exercise all reasonable professional skill and care in their work and recognise the rights and sensitivities of other individuals, both within the company and outside.

Corrupt practices will not be tolerated,and all commercial transactions will be properly and accurately recorded. GP is a socially responsible company, and we will involve our employees in the planning and direction of work. We fully respect the human rights of our employees and will ensure equal opportunity through promotion and development of the skills of those we employ, this will always be supported by competitive terms and conditions and safe work practices.

GP believes that being actively responsible for all stakeholder interests contributes significantly to our business success based on improved customer satisfaction, greater commitment on the part of our employees, and an enhanced reputation in the community at large.

Transparency act

Statement from Glassfiber Produkter AS – 2023


Glassfiber Produkter AS is a Norwegian supplier of fiberglass. We offer a wide range of product solutions and expertise in composites for the oil and gas, railway, fish farming, public sector, and other industries.

We are flexible, solution-oriented, and work on both large and small projects. The range of what we can deliver is extensive, and we thrive on exciting challenges. We tailor design, engineering, and production to your needs. Our skilled employees have good expertise and provide advice you can rely on.

We have high ethical standards for ourselves and expect the same from all our suppliers.

To ensure environmental, sustainability, occupational health and safety, and human rights considerations, we have guidelines and procedures that permeate everything we do.

    • HSE, Environmental, and Quality Policy
    • Code of Conduct
    • Registry of compliance assessments of laws and regulations
    • HSE, Environmental, and Quality Management System
    • Employee Handbook Sustainability
    • Human Rights Due Diligence
    • Supplier Evaluation Form
    • Supplier Control Process

Due Diligence Assessments

We consider our greatest risk to be human rights violations related to:

    • Production of fiberglass in countries with a high risk of human rights violations.


Annual review and revision of the company’s due diligence assessments in the board and management review. Here, we evaluate both internal risk and risk in the supply chain.

New Suppliers

We evaluate all new suppliers against the risk determined in the management review. Critical suppliers receive an evaluation form along with our own Code of Conduct outlining our expectations. Based on the feedback, we may conduct additional specified evaluations and, ultimately, possibly revise locally at the supplier’s location.

Annual review of critical suppliers

The annual review evaluates the experiences we have had during the period and summarizes any events we have observed.

Detection and corrective actions

If suspicions or clear violations of fundamental human rights and decent working conditions are discovered in operations, we make contact and do what we can, using our influence, to get the responsible party to change behavior or rectify the situation.

Status for the last period

We have not recorded any incidents or indications of clear violations of fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in the last period.

Elling Stangeland

Managing director

Bjørn Tore Lien