GRP Leider is built with fiberglass structural profiles and moulded hoops, can be customized to your needs.

GRP ladder with safety cage is of high strength, low weight and is electrically insulating. The ladders are built with stocked structural profiles and can be customized according to customer requirements. We also have the opportunity to offer design support and CAD drawings from concept stage to fabrication.

Our GRP ladders are manufactured using fiberglass profiles to provide light weight, chemically resistant, easily installed ladders. Fiberglass ladders can be supplied in any specified length, and can be equipped with access platform, security cage and security gate. The ladder steps have a non-slip surface and GRP safety ladders can easily be manufactured in specific sizes and colors with stainless steel mounting brackets, designed to secure the ladder to various industrial structures.

GRP ladders can be adapted to a variety of environments, and are used for access ladders, roof ladders, roof ladders for industrial purposes, safety ladders for power plants, non-corrosive ladders for chemical plants, ladders for water treatment plants and security for land-based fish farms.

In many ways, GRP solutions can outperform traditional materials such as steel, aluminum and wood. Benefits such as high strength / weight ratio, maintenance-free, corrosion and electrically insulating and low installation costs. GRP ladders are perfect for environments where galvanized steel will rust and stainless steel is just too expensive or corroded and becomes smooth and unsafe. GRP is the perfect long-lasting, alternative safety ladder for corrosive environments such as water and waste facilities, chemical facilities, factories, power stations and any other environment that requires secure access to elevated or underground areas.

All our GRP leaders are tailor made to our customers specific requirements and dimensions. Ladders is designed according to EN14122-4.

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