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Fiberglass molding – Do you need a special product that needs to be molded? Glassfiber Produkter has the opportunity to realize your products & projects.

Glassfiber Produkter has expertise in fiberglass and can realize your products in composite. We have wide experience with fiberglass molding. Contact us with your inquiry today.

Fiberglass benefits

  • Does not corrode like metal and does not rot like wood
  • Insulating
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High Strengh & Low weight
  • Maintenance free
  • Versatility (Choice of color, raw materials, surface)


Fiberglass can be cast with several different raw materials as binder. Depending on the requirements of the product, you can choose the raw material of polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy & phenol which will then constitute the properties of the product.

Engineering & Design

We offer Engineering & design of Fiberglass molding.


Fiberglass molding in good facilities with proper equipment and experienced personnel with wide experience.

Andre produkter



Glassfiber Produkter offers grating for most needs. We can produce with mold and pultrution, as well as customized shapes, color and characteristics to suit your / your business needs. The gratings can also be manufactured high load, with anti-slip, anti-static and fire-retardant.

Fiberglass Structure

Fiberglass Structure

Fiberglass structures can be up to 70% lighter than steel, corrosion-free and electrically insulating. We can carry out Engineering, Design, Fabrication and Installation.

Structural Profiles

Structural Profiles

GRP Structural Profiles are high quality designed profiles which are used in the fabrication of GRP structures and supports.