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Fiberglass tank and tank systems manufactured in glass fiber reinforced polyester provide several advantages, such as low weight, corrosion-free and high strength.

Tanks made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) can be used as tanks for storing liquids, granules or bulk materials, wastewater, fertilizers, aggressive liquids and chemicals.

Fiberglass tanks are designed as vertical or horizontal standing. Vertical tanks can also be underground. Tanks can be delivered in a complete or incomplete package with the need of caps, piping +++ (except pumps, automatic system etc). Fiberglass tanks are made using filament winding technology and industrial robot for the trimming and drilling of the part.


Durable, lightweight fiberglass structure that is resistant to mechanical, chemical and temperature variations. Glass-reinforced plastic has increased structural strength and water resistance. Simple and short assembly. Tanks can be manufactured with diameter from Ø0.6 to Ø5 m, and mounted in length from 2 to 17 m with up to 300 m3 in one volume.

The wall of the tank, made of cross-filament winding technology, is much stronger than the spray method and has a tensile strength of 432 MPa and a tensile modulus of 14.3 GPa. The GRP tank wall, made of spraying method, has a tensile strength of 111 MPa and a tensile modulus of 5 GPa.

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We can supply the following tank systems:

  • Tanks for above and below ground level
  • Tanks with single laminate and multi-laminate
  • Chemically resistant tanks
  • Fuel Tank
  • Drinking water tank
  • Thermal insulated tank
  • Scrubbers
  • Modular tanks up to 5000 m3
  • Dome-shaped modular roofs
  • Fire Water Tanks
  • Silo Tanks
Available dimensions
Tanks DN mm Volume (m3) of 1m length tank
  • Volume shall increase for tanks with spherical ends


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Glassfiber Produkter offers grating for most needs. We can produce with mold and pultrution, as well as customized shapes, color and characteristics to suit your / your business needs. The gratings can also be manufactured high load, with anti-slip, anti-static and fire-retardant.

Fiberglass Structure

Fiberglass Structure

Fiberglass structures can be up to 70% lighter than steel, corrosion-free and electrically insulating. We can carry out Engineering, Design, Fabrication and Installation.

Structural Profiles

Structural Profiles

GRP Structural Profiles are high quality designed profiles which are used in the fabrication of GRP structures and supports.