Glassfiber Produkter will supply walkways, stairs, railings, platforms and ladders to Salmon Evolution, a large, new fish farm on Indre Harøya in Møre og Romsdal. Salmon Evolution will be one of the largest land-based fish farms in Europe, and Glassfiber Products’ solutions will be part of the large and exciting project.

The properties of fiberglass make it a sought-after material in fish farming. Fiberglass can withstand both water, weather and wind without corroding. The material is also quite strong and durable. You will find fiberglass products installed everywhere on the premsie of the fish farm, an environment which the fiberglass is excellent for. The material has low weight and is easy to adjust and assemble.

“We will supply several different products to Salmon Evolution, and these will each have their own important functions. The workers will walk on the walkways, stairs and platforms, they will hold onto railings and they will climb the ladders, all of it made with fiberglass” explains project engineer Ivar André Olsen.

Managing director and project engineer proudly presents the contract. Ringing the bell on the wall means Glassfiber Produkter has landed a big contract.

Leading in Europe
Salmon Evolution will be one of the largest fish farms in Europe. The farm is land-based and will consist of 48 identical vessels, ready to produce 36,000 tonnes of sustainable salmon of the highest quality. 12 vessels will be completed in phase 1 of the construction. Each vessel has a diameter of 28 meters and is about 13 meters high. The water level will reach 8 meters in height and can contain about 5 million liters of water. It is inside these vessels the fiberglass walkways will be mounted.

The vessels are 13 meters high and will contain up to 5 million liters of water. Photo: Artec Aqua

Photo: Artec Aqua

Photo: Moldskred

Glassfiber Produkter has signed the contract with Artec Aqua, who is the general contractor of the project. We want to thank Artec Aqua for the trust, and we look forward to a great collaboration with them. You can read more about Artec Aqua below:

About Artec Aqua

Artec Aqua is a turnkey provider of land-based aquaculture systems, delivering facilities with
recirculation acquculture system (RAS), reuse and flow-through technology.

The company handles everything from consulting and project design to contract negotiations and
construction. It made an early commitment to land-based aquaculture, and has established close
relationships with both customers and partners though several successful projects.

Since its establishment in 2002, Artec Aqua has expanded rapidly and it ranks today as a significant
contributor to an exciting and forward-looking industry. Its head office is in Ålesund.

Artec Aqua became part of Endúr ASA in January 2021.

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Photo: Artec Aqua

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