Stangeland Glassfiber Produkter AS has 20 years anniversary!

20 years ago, Stangeland Glassfiber Produkter AS was founded by Elling Stangeland. in 2020 we have an anniversary and in this context we have more exciting news. The first is that Glassfiber Produkter has completely revitalized the company with the help of Megabite AS.

A new logo, company profile & website has been prepared. LinkedIn and Facebook pages have also been updated to reflect new profiles.



We are investong in a new building!

Glassfiber Produkter is also investing in new building for the year! In the summer of 2020 we move into new premises on Klepp St. Here we will have offices, workshop & warehouse. We will then triple the area compared to what we have today.

We are really looking forward to this!

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