Kvalaberg workshop in Stavanger has recently been completed

For this project «Kvalaberg workshop» we have delivered gratings and structures of fiberglass.

Structures such as handrails, stairs & protective frames were designed and manufactured without metal components. Bolts and nuts are also made of fiberglass (GR-VE). This is to protect against high voltage, as fiberglass is a «non-conductive» material.


  • Adress: Sandvikveien
  • Location: 4016 Stavanger
  • Development potential in sqm: 3500
  • Purpose: Warehouse / Workshop
  • Contractor: AF Gruppen AS
  • Tenants: Go-Ahead Norge AS
  • Project period:  Completed December 2019

Benefits and features

  • Non-electrically conductive – will not cause unwanted electrical current in case of accidents
  • corrosion resistant – will not rot or rust.
  • Low weight – easy handling at the installation site
  • Low thermal conductivity – will not be perceived as cold to touch (handrail).

In connection with the railway in Norway being exposed to competition, and new train types being phased in, new workshops are being developed and built for rent to the train and maintenance operators on commercial terms.

The new workshop at Kvaleberg was ready in November 2019. It was immediately handed over to the new train operator on the Sørlandsbanen and Jærbanen, Go Ahead Nordic, and their maintenance operator Mantena. The new workshop is universally designed and can handle all types of trains used for passenger traffic in Norway now and in the years to come. The new Kvaleberg workshop has two internal tracks, as well as an external service track. Furthermore, an external parking track and associated railway infrastructure have been constructed for access to the facility. In an annex to the workshop, new administration rooms, changing rooms, common rooms and technical rooms have been established.

The new workshop replaces the current workshop at Kvaleberg, which will be phased out when the new one is completed on 15 December 2019.

Reference: Banenoreiendom

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