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We offer a wide range of bolts and nuts to use with our composite products.

20000 – M5 and M6 fastening material

20001M6x20, Bolt, Hex
20002M6x25, Bolt, Hex
20003M6x25, Bolt, Panhead
20004M6x65, Bolt, Panhead
20005M6x70, Bolt, Panhead
20006M6x40, Bolt, Umbrako
20007M6 Dome Head Nut
20008M6 Flanged Nut
20009M6 Nyloc Nut
20010M6 Standard Nut
20011M6 Normal Washer
20012M6 Spring Washer
20013M6 Store Washer


21000 – M8 fastening material

21001M8 x 50 Dome Head, Square Neck, Bolt
21002M8 X 95, Bolt, Anchor
21003M8 x 20, Bolt, Hex
21004M8 X 25, Bolt, Hex
21005M8 X 30, Bolt, Hex
21006M8 X 35, Bolt, Hex
21007M8 X 45, Bolt, Hex
21008M8 X 50, Bolt, Hex
21009M8 X 60, Bolt, Hex
21010M8 x 70, Bolt, Hex
21011M8 X 80, Bolt, Hex
21012M8 X 90, Bolt, Hex
21013M8 X 35 PanHead, Bolt, Panhead
21014M8 X 50 PanHead, Bolt, Panhead
21015M8 x 60 PanHead, Bolt, Panhead
21016M8 X 70 PanHead, Bolt, Panhead
21017M8 X 75 PanHead, Bolt, Panhead
21018M8 X 80mm, Bolt, Panhead
21019M8x40, Screw, wood
21020M8x50, Screw, wood
21021M8x70, Screw, wood
21022M8 Dome Head Nut
21023M8 Flanged Nut
21024M8 Nyloc Nut
21025M8 Normal Washer
21026M8 Spring Washer
21027M8 Large Washer


22000 – M10 fastening material

22001M10 X 30, Bolt, Countersunk
22002M10 X 40, Bolt, Countersunk
22003M10 X 90, Bolt, Anchor
22004M10 X 30, Bolt, Hex
22005M10 X 40, Bolt, Hex
22006M10 X 50, Bolt, Hex
22007M10 X 60, Bolt, Hex
22008M10 X 70, Bolt, Hex
22009M10 X 75, Bolt, Hex
22010M10 X 80, Bolt, Hex
22011M10 X 90, Bolt, Hex
22012M10 X 100, Bolt, Hex
22013M10 X 110, Bolt, Hex
22014M10 X 120, Bolt, Hex
22015M10 X 130, Bolt, Hex
22016M10 X 140, Bolt, Hex
22017M10 X 150, Bolt, Hex
22018M10 X 160, Bolt, Hex
22019M10 X 170, Bolt, Hex
22020M10 x 60 Dome Head, Square Neck, Bolt
22021M10 Dome Nut
22022M10 Flanged Nut
22023M10 Nyloc Nut
22024M10 Normal Washer
22025M10 Spring Washer


23000 – M12 fastening material

23001M12x30, Bolt, Countersunk
23002M12x40, Bolt, Countersunk
23003M12 x 75, Bolt, Anchor
23004M12 X 95, Bolt, Anchor
23005M12 X 30, Bolt, Hex
23006M12 X 40, Bolt, Hex
23007M12 X 50, Bolt, Hex
23008M12 X 60, Bolt, Hex
23009M12 X 70, Bolt, Hex
23010M12 X 80, Bolt, Hex
23011M12 X 90, Bolt, Hex
23012M12 X 100, Bolt, Hex
23013M12 X 110, Bolt, Hex
23014M12 X 120, Bolt, Hex
23015M12 X 130, Bolt, Hex
23016M12 X 140, Bolt, Hex
23017M12 X 150, Bolt, Hex
23018M12 X 160, Bolt, Hex
23019M12 X 170, Bolt, Hex
23020M12 x 60 Dome Head, Square Neck, Bolt
23021M12 Dome Nut
23022M12 Flanged Nut
23023M12 Nyloc Nut
23024M12 Normal Washer
23025M12 Spring Washer
23026M12 Large Washer


24000 – Pop nails and pop nuts

24001Rivet, Domehead 12MM
24002Rivet, Domehead 16MM
24003Rivet, Countersunk 18MM
24004Rivet, Domehead 20MM
24005Rivet, Domehead 25MM
24006Rivet, Nut, Large
24007Rivet, Nut, Small