H-profile – 152 x 152 x 6 mm

Our profiles are produced with high-quality fiberglass. The fiberglass provides robust and light profiles that are highly corrosion-resistant and require minimal maintenance. The H-profiles are available in 6-metre lengths which can be cut and adapted as required. The profiles come in gray.

The profiles are designed and tested according to international standard specification so that any structure can be designed using standard design codes.

Use our beam calculator to check which loads the profiles are designed for.



H mm: 152,4
B mm: 152,4
T mm: 6,35
A mm2: 2822
Kg/m: 5,08
Ixxx 106mm4 11,8
E0o x 103 MPa 23
E-modul: 23
Status: Made-to-order