There is no doubt that the properties of fiberglass material have gained increasing recognition in fish farming facilities. This is largely due to the material’s many characteristics that effectively address the numerous challenges traditional materials face in the demanding environment in and around fish farming installations.

For us at Glassfiber Produkter AS, fish farming has become a significant market where we see that we can help address challenges with our product solutions. We have already participated in several deliveries to fish farming facilities, both outdoor, such as Bulandet Miljøfisk AS, and some indoor, such as the giant project Salmon Evolution.
Common to these projects is that they are all located in demanding and highly corrosive environments.

No Corrosion

Traditionally, materials used in such facilities would quickly be exposed to rust and corrosion, necessitating regular maintenance or replacement. This entails significant costs in both time and money. However, fiberglass withstands such demanding and corrosive conditions without rusting, rotting, or corroding, thereby providing both economic and structural durability.

Inside one of the water tanks at Salmon Evolution. Photo: Artec Aqua

“The fiberglass products are great and withstand the demanding environment of our facility. We save both time and worries as fiberglass requires minimal maintenance.”

– Oddvar Rapstad, Site Manager Salmom Evolution

Lightweight and strong

Fiberglass has the impressive ability to achieve the same strength as traditional materials but with up to half the weight. This unique combination gives our fiberglass products a significant advantage, as they are strong enough to handle demanding applications while being considerably lighter than their traditional counterparts.

The low weight makes the installation of our fiberglass products easy and cost-effective, while still providing a solid and reliable solution for various applications.

“We are very pleased with what Glassfiber Produkter has delivered. Fiberglass is an easy material to work with and make necessary on-site adjustments. It’s great not to have to worry about rust.”

– Lars Petter Nora, Assistant Project Manager, Salmon Evolution


In the construction and industrial sectors, there are increasingly stringent requirements for sustainability, with a growing focus on environmental friendliness, resource utilization, and reducing negative impacts on the planet.

We are therefore proud to work with a material that can have up to 54% lower global warming potential (GWP) compared to steel and aluminum. This is according to the European Composites Industry Association, which cites research assessing the material’s production, shaping, and recycling opportunities.

Another significant advantage in terms of sustainability is the long lifespan of products made from fiberglass. Long-term solutions mean fewer replacements and necessary upgrades.

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