The scenic area at Ropeid, along one of the national tourist roads, was officially opened on June 3rd. Glassfiber Produkter has supplied tables, benches, lamps and lanterns to the project, produced with recycled fiberglass.

More than just a lay-by
At first you quickly notice the unique design of the benches, tables and lanters, but there is a lot more to be discovered about this place. Ropeid used to be a ferry dock which connected Sand to Ropeid. Now the ferry has been replaced with a new bridge, which left the old dock unused. The idea was to do something completely new with the place and repair the landscape at the same time.

The sea line around the dock area was dug up and covered with concrete mattresses. On the concrete you will find the furniture provided by Glassfiber Produkter. The interesting fact about the furniture is that they are made of recycled fiberglass granules from discarded plastic boats. The fiberglass granulate comes from Ecofiber Recycling AS, which is an approved reception facility for such boats.

The design is inspired by the distinction between culture and nature where the artificial wants to imitate the nature and the natural wants to imitale the artificial. The design, made by KAP. is a good example of an innovative way to create texture and landscape adaption.

The fiberglass furniture lights up in the dark. Photo: BG Suldal AS

“Having a national tourist road scenic area on Ropeid will remind us of the history of the place. We will have a memorable place to stop along the road through Sauda and Suldal” said Gerd Helen Bø, the mayor of Suldal, to Din Fritid.

The big opening
The 3rd of June was the day when the scenic area at Ropeid was officially opened. Several mayors were in place and a cord was cut. Now the travelers along the national tourist route can take a well-deserved break in the beautiful surroundings.

A proud mayor cuts the cord at the offical opening.

Glassfiber Produkter is proud to be part of an unique and innovative project where the focus is on recycling and reusability. Thanks to BG Suldal for an exciting assignment, and thanks to KAP, Siddis Plast AS and Helgevold Gruppen for a great collaboration.

This project shows the great range of fiberglass and what it can be made into and used for. Are you interested in learning more about fiberglass? Please contact us!