Uno X has invested heavily in Svanemerked-certified car wash facilities in recent years. These facilities meet strict requirements for water usage, chemical use, emissions, and ensure minimal presence of non-biodegradable substances in wastewater. Glassfiber Produkter AS has contributed to reducing the zinc content in wastewater using fiberglass grates.

Additionally, the yellow grates complement the car wash facility quite well!

We visited Uno X’s new car wash facility in Lura, Sandnes, their 56th Svanemerked-certified car wash. In the surrounding area, there is extensive road construction underway, making it challenging to navigate to Uno X’s premises.

New asphalt, fast chargers, a gas station, and the brand-new car wash facility stand out in the sunlight with its distinctive bright yellow color.

Modern car wash

The new car wash facility is equipped with modern technology designed to make the washing experience convenient for customers and provide a thorough cleaning tailored to each vehicle.

To get started, you register your car in the Uno X app, where you can select the type of wash you prefer. Once done, simply drive up to the entrance door which recognizes your license plate. The doors open automatically, allowing you to drive in and the washing program starts on its own.

Inside the hall, there is ample space with windows on the front and rear doors, as well as full-length windows on one wall providing a view of the ongoing road construction outside.

Svanemerket, an easy choice

For Uno X, it’s a given that their car wash facilities should be Swan-labeled. This is to protect both the environment and customers from negative environmental and health impacts.

The car washing detergents used break down easily and are free from:

  • Toxic and carcinogenic substances
  • Fluorine and antibacterial agents
  • Nano-particles
  • Mutagenic and reproductive harmful substances
  • Substances that are difficult to degrade

Furthermore, stringent water consumption requirements are crucial. Therefore, the car wash facilities are equipped with an advanced purification system that cleans and recycles up to 80% of the wash water. The wastewater from Uno X car washes is actually 90% more purified than traditional car washes.

Fiberglass reduces zinc content

On the floor of the car wash hall stretches a long yellow stripe with yellow fiberglass grates. This is fiberglass grating. It is through the openings in the grating that water will flow down into the well below, before being taken up by the purification system.

The choice of fiberglass by Uno X was no coincidence.

Fiberglass is a strong and lightweight material that naturally does not corrode. In other words, fiberglass does not need to be treated in a special way or have anything added to prevent corrosion.

It is precisely this treatment that has been found to transfer to the wash water that flows down into the well and is to be recycled.

Due to the composition of fiberglass, the material does not contain zinc.

Collaboration with Uno X

We are incredibly proud of our collaboration with Uno X. Prior to the car wash facility at Lura, we have supplied glass fiber for 3 car wash facilities, and our next installation will be at their newly opened car wash at Hinna in Stavanger. We are looking forward to more car wash facilities in the future!

Not only do the glass fiber grates perfectly match in terms of color, but they also align with Uno X’s mission to create Norway’s most environmentally friendly car wash facilities.

We have made a video from our visit, watch it here!