In one month, Glassfiber Produkter has made a full 200 meters of footbridges – which must be a new record for the company. The footbridges have been delivered to a huge land-based smolt plant on Tjuin.

“Our team has done a formidable job,” says project engineer Ivar André Olsen. “Skilled people with long experience and solid routines meant that we could complete this job in a short time. We have delivered a lot to the fish farming market in recent years. Production and installation of footbridges is something we can do blindfolded”

How soon is now?

The second we had our hands on the drawings the production started. The workshop began quickly, and with all the necessary materials in stock, the parts could be produced in a short time. It ensured a quick and easy installation. After less than a month, Glassfiber Produkter was able to deliver 10 footbridges to SalMar Tjuin.

The footbridges take shape in the workshop.

High quality over time

The fiberglass reflects the high demands of the fish farming industry. The material must withstand humid and corrosive environments, be robust and adaptable. High strength does not have to be heavy, and the lightness of fiberglass makes it convenient to handle, transport and install. Fiberglass means that the footbridges will be of high quality, even over long periods of time.

The first pictures from the installation.

“We are also very pleased with Glassfiber Produkter.” says Geir Tevasvold, engineering manager at Consto. «There has been good and orderly communication as well as good planning along the way. We ended up with the right solutions in an impressively short time. “

One of the world’s largest smolt plants

The footbridges were shipped to yet another giant fish farm. SalMar is building one of the world’s largest and most advanced hatcheries at Tjuin in Steinkjer municipality. The facility has a size of 17,000 square meters and will be able to accommodate 50 million smolts. According to the plan, the first phase of construction will be completed in 2023.

Illustration: m.herzog /

We would like to thank Consto Midt-Norge AS and Pure Salmon Kaldnes AS for both the assignment and good cooperation. We are proud to contribute fiberglass solutions to an exciting industry in growth.


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