We are now offering a new pipe system: Wellstrong RedBox, a pipe system which is highly resistant to corrosion, has low weight and high heat tolerance. The fiberglass pipe system is adaptable, cost-effective and has several applications.

Wellstrong RedBox has several beneficial features:

• Light and strong
• Well suited for corrosive environments
• Resists corrosion both on the inside and outside
• Robust with a long lifespan
• Better hydraulic performance compared to steel, iron and concrete
• Efficient circulation of liquids
• Withstands temperatures up to 120 ° C
• Withstands high pressure from 32 to 190 Barg (2,750 PSI)
• Suitable for depths up to 13,000 feet
• Available in sizes from 2.5″ to 36″


Choose a pipe system which can be adapted to most applications. The material’s tolerance for high pressure, high temperatures and corrosive environments makes the pipe system versatile, and the pipes can be configured and assembled together in a variety of ways.

Cost effective

Keep costs down by using a pipe system which has low weight and high strength. The favorable combination makes transport and installation easier and keeps costs down. Compared to other materials, fiberglass has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance.

Heavy-duty fiberglass pipes

The product is made by weaving together strong, continuous glass fibers with corrosion resistant epoxy resin on to a steel mandrel. The result is a robust pipe system which is structurally and chemically optimized. Wellstrong Redbox is produced with a machine-made composite material developed and manufractured by Future Pipe Industries.


  • Production wells including thermal, oil and gas.
  • Disposal wells including saltwater, chemical effluent and waste.
  • Injection wells including saltwater, CO2 and polymer.
  • Liners for the repair of corroded steel casing.
  • Municipal and commercial water wells.

Available splicing system:

  • Threaded joints

Fiberglass Products offers several types of pipe systems. With Future Pipe Industries as a manufacturer, we get solid, high-quality solutions for our customers.

Read more about Wellstrong Casing here.

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