More and more fish farmers are looking to Glassfiber Produkter when they are searching for solid and corrosion-free product solutions. This time we have delivered walkways, stairs and other products to the Steinvik Group’s new facility in Svelgen, Bremanger – a large land-based facility which will produce both cleaner fish and smolts.

Sees the potential in fiberglass

The fish farming market is turning its attention more and more towards fiberglass. Fish farmning requires strong materials which can withstand demanding and corrosive environments. Fiberglass is emerging as a strong candidate due to its ease of maintenance, longevity and corrosion resistance. Low weight and high strength makes the material easy to handle and install.

Longest produced walkways thus far

For the project, Glassfiber Produkter has supplied walkways, platforms, railings, stairs and ladders. Two of the walkways are the longest we have ever produced – at a full 23 meters!


Combines cleaner fish and smolts

The fiberglass products have been delivered to the Steinvik Group’s new facility in Svelgen in Bremanger. Here, Steinvik has an already existing plant which produces cleaner fish, and now the project is being expanded. The facility will have a somewhat unusual dichotomy: one part will be producing more cleaner fish and the other will be producing smolt. Steinvik hopes to double the production of cleaner fish.

“Including upgrades, we have invested approximately NOK 507 million here since 2014. This is the largest investment on land we have ever made,” says project manager Bjarte Steinhovden from Steinvik Group to

Artec Aqua AS, the turnkey contractor behind the project, has also arranged for the possibility to convert the cleaner fish part into smolt production. This means that Steinvik can adapt the facility according to the market demand. The smolt production can become a replacement if the demand for cleaner fish decreases, and there is also a possibility to turn the smolt plant into a food fish plant.


Adaptable fiberglass solutions

With many years of experience, we at Glassfiber Produkter know what it takes. The fiberglass is flexible and gives our technical designers great range in how they can design fiberglass structures. Our workshop takes care of the production, and we optimize design and products based on what the situation requires and what our customers want.

We are pleased that more and more people are seeing the possibilities in fiberglass and what it can be used for, and we look forward to many more projects in the future.