Glassfiber Produkter have ensured a safe and durable path in fiberglass, delivered in Vangdal. The trail takes visitors down to prehistoric art carved into the rock wall – a project that highlights an important part of human history.

The goal of the project was to upgrade the old path to make it safer and easier to use for visitors. The trail is equipped with gratings and stairs, carefully assembled and adapted to the surroundings. The fiberglass should be as little intrusive as possible, but rather shaped according to the existing path. From the rest area, the path goes down towards the fjord until it ends in a viewing platform.

“The challenge laid in the design of steps and gratings,” explains project engineer Ivar André Olsen. «We wanted the fiberglass to blend in with the path, be practical to use and meet the important requirements for safety. The solution we have ended up with is based on these requirements, and we were very pleased with the result. “

Easy installation

The low weight and flexibility of the fiberglass provided the opportunity to carry out the assembly on site. Grids and stairs were moved part by part directly and mounted together on the path. Throughout the process, the assembly was carefully adapted and adjusted to the layout of the trail.

Withstands weather and wind

The trail leads down to a platform where you have a beaufitul view of the fjord on one side and the rock carving on the other. An important requirement was to create a path that requires the least possible maintenance. The fiberglass is robust and will withstand the harsh climate near the fjord. 

Rock carving i a new light. Photo: Mathias Andersson/Kyndill

Prehistoric art

One will find drawings carved into the rocky wall,  made by humans 6000 yeas ago. The carving clearly show both humans and animals, and later on carvings of ships were added by farmers in the bronze age.

The project’s goal is to preserve the valuable rock art, and make it accessible and tempting for travellers to visit. Rock carvings are a source of knowledge, experience and wonder, and something we want future generations to enjoy.

«The rock carvings in Vangdal is a unique cultural monument that binds us together with those who have lived in Western Norway before us. That is why it is extra valuable that the art is now becoming more accessible to more people, “says Margareth Hagen, principal at the University of Bergen.

Unique lighting

In daylight it can be diffcult to observe and study the rock carvings, but the new lighting system highlights the art and makes it come alive. It is recommended to visit the trail at night when it is dark, then you will get the full experience with the unique lighting. Kyndill are the masters behind the lighting system.


We want to thank Vestland Fylkeskommune and Statens Vegvesen for an engaging and exciting project.

“For us, it is very exciting to be part of such a project,” says Olsen. “It also gives us the chance to show what fiberglass can be used for, and how much it can be adapted to what the job requires.


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